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Vera Gornostaeva | Vol V | Shostakovich/Prokofiev


Prokofiev. Sarcasms, Op. 17

1. I. Tempestoso
2. II. Allegro rubato
3. III. Allegro precipitato
4. IV. Smanioso
5. V. Precipitosissimo

Shostakovich. 24 Preludes, Op. 34

6. Prelude 1 in C Major: Moderato
7. Prelude 2 in A Minor: Allegretto
8. Prelude 3 in G Major: Andante
9. Prelude 4 in E Minor: Moderato
10. Prelude 5 in D Major: Allegro vivace
11. Prelude 6 in B Minor: Allegretto
12. Prelude 7 in A Major: Andante
13. Prelude 8 in F-sharp Minor: Allegretto
14. Prelude 9 in E Major: Presto
15. Prelude 10 in C-sharp Minor: Moderato non troppo
16. Prelude 11 in B Major: Allegretto
17. Prelude 12 in G-sharp Minor: Allegro non troppo
18. Prelude 13 in F-sharp Major: Moderato
19. Prelude 14 in E-flat Minor: Adagio
20. Prelude 15 in D-flat Major: Allegretto
21. Prelude 16 in B-flat Minor: Andantino
22. Prelude 17 in A-flat Major: Largo
23. Prelude 18 in F Minor: Allegretto
24. Prelude 19 in E-flat Major: Andantino
25. Prelude 20 in C Minor: Allegretto furioso
26. Prelude 21 in B-flat Major: Allegretto poco moderato
27. Prelude 22 in G Minor: Adagio
28. Prelude 23 in F Major: Moderato
29. Prelude 24 in D Minor: Allegretto

Prokofiev. Ten Pieces from Romeo & Juliet, Op. 75

30. I. Folk Dance
31. II. Scene
32. III. Minuet
33. IV. The Young Juliet
34. V. Masks
35. VI. The Montagues and Capulets
36. VII. Father Lorenzo
37. VIII. Mercutio
38. IX. Dance of the Girls with Lilies
39. X. Romeo and Juliet Before Parting

40. Encore: A. Scriabin – Etude in F-sharp Major, Op. 42, No. 4

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October 1st of this year, marks the 85th birthday of the legendary Russian pianist and pedagogue, Vera Gornostaeva.  Coincidentally, though in our opinion certainly not by accident, October 1st is also the International Music Day!  What better way to celebrate this remarkable artist and music, then by releasing another brilliant and powerful performance in our Discovering a Legend Series, Volume V with music by Shostakovich and Prokofiev.  Arguably two of Russia’s greatest 20th century giants, that Ms. Gornostaeva knew and admired.  This special volume includes Shostakovich’s 24 Preludes, Opus 34 and Prokofiev’s Sarcasms, Opus 17 and Ten Pieces from Romeo & Juliet.


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