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Ada Gorbunova, piano | Schumann | 2 CD SET


Robert SCHUMANN (1810-1856)

Disc One

Fantasiestücke, Op. 12

1. Des Abends (3:59)
2. Aufschwung (3:08)
3. Warum? (2:52)
4. Grillen (3:25)
5. In der Nacht (3:53)
7. Traumes Wirren (2:45)
8. Ende vom Lied (5:34)

Humoreske, Op. 20

9. Einfach. Sehr rasch und leicht (5:28)
10. Hastig (5:48)
11. Einfach und zart. Intermezzo (4:29)
12. Innig (2:36)
13. Sehr lebhaft. Mit einigem Pomp (3:40)
14. Zum Beschluss (5:45)

15. Arabeske in C Major, Op. 18 (6:29)


Disc Two

1. Toccata in C Major, Op. 7 (5:24)

Kinderszenen, Op. 15

2. Von fremden Landern und Menschen (1:51)
3. Kuriose Geschichte (1:02)
4. Haschemann (0:39)
5. Bittendes Kind (0:56)
6. Gluckes genug (0:36)
7. Wichtige Begebenheit (0:54)
8. Traumerei (2:46)
9. Am Kamin (1:02)
10. Ritter vom Steckenpferd (0:38)
11. Fast zu ernst (1:41)
12. Furchtenmachen (1:40)
13. Kind im Einschlummern (2:04)
14. Der Dichter spricht (2:22)

Novelletten, Op. 21

15. No. 1 in F Major: Markiert und kraftig (4:59)
16. No. 2 in D Major: Ausserst rasch und mit Bravour (6:19)
17. No. 3 in D Major: Leicht und mit Humor (5:40)
18. No. 4 in D Major: Ballmassig, sehr munter (3:30)
19. No. 5 in D Major: Rauschend und festlich (9:20)
20. No. 6 in A Major: Sehr lebhaft, mit vielem Humor (5:13)
21. No. 7 in E Major: Ausserst rasch (3:46)
22. No. 8 in F- sharp Minor: Sehr lebhaft (11:58)

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Product Description

Schumann is a composer that I always refer to as “my composer!”

Throughout my life I constantly return to him, experience anew, re-discover and love. His music possesses the marvelous gift of transforming our feelings. It gives us a glimpse into the most hidden corners of our soul, to awaken emotions, to think, and to truly listen; to reflect, to be within silence and to feel love, joy, pleasure, melancholy, and overflowing bitterness; a bit over the top, but madly sincere. This is music; which brings kindness and openness into this world.

As a child, I found Schumann’s music too abstract, beautiful but somewhat detached, even too Romantic. But at age fourteen, I literally fell in love with his Toccata, I was captured suddenly by the reckless excitement, torrential emotion and fiery drive of this music. I listened to all the records I could find at home – multiple performances of the Kreisleriana, Symphonic Etudes, Novelletten and sight-read for hours.

One of the greatest experiences, which left an indelible impression on me, was a trip to Zwickau. Seeing the house in which Schumann was born, his letters full of aspirations to escape to the big city, his personal belongings, that fireplace with the decorative inlay, beside which the heroes of Kinderszenen spent their evenings, his love for Clara, the years of hope, waiting and contradictory moods – all this, awoke my love not only for Schumann’s music, but for him as a character, as a personality. The small details, wove together to form an image of a sensual and romantically sublime world.

Schumann’s music is filled with incredible warmth. No matter what problems, difficulties, worries and heartaches we face in our daily lives, his music gives us new hope each time, and makes us a little better, a bit more pure and teaches us how to love – from the bottom of our hearts.

~ Ada Gorbunova

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