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 “We realize that it was a bold business move to launch a hard-copy record label in the midst of the Digital Era, but we did it because we believe that despite all of the wonderful innovations of the Information Age, we are in danger of losing something very human and very valuable as we continue to evolve as a people.  Books are disappearing, but even still, there is nothing quite like holding a story in your own hands.  We believe the same is true of recordings.  LP Classics is committed to preserving the traditions and glamour of a specific era that still offers superior value to our listeners.”  

– Natalia Lavrova, Co-Founder, LP Classics


LP Classics, Inc. is a record label with a “neo-classic” spin, an initiative committed to unearthing lost historical gems, presenting never-before released recordings, and enriching the discographies of emerging stars of the new generation. Founded in 2011 by two Juilliard-trained concert pianists who both began their training in Moscow, Natalia Lavrova and Vassily Primakov are both young stars of the last generation to descend from the great Russian Conservatory tradition. 



“We feel that our strength is in being two, very individual performers, long standing friends and collaborators and this keeps us constantly grounded in promoting projects we feel a responsibility toward,” said Co-Founder Vassily Primakov. “We enter every situation, concert and project with a level of pride, respect and devotion and we sincerely hope that this will translate to our future listeners.”

Discs currently on the LP Classics imprint include the little-known Suites for Two Pianos by Anton Arensky; a Live Recital, as well as a WQXR Featured 2-CD set of Chopin:  Sonatas, Ballades & Scherzos of Vassily Primakov; never-before released live solo recitals by legendary teacher and pianist from the Moscow Conservatory, Vera Gornostaeva and an out-of-print 1981 recording featuring performances of Juilliard professor Jerome Lowenthal. Acquiring these rare recordings has inspired the LP Classics team to explore the long-lost archives of the Moscow Radio, RCA, SONY, and countless other catalogs.  

With the advancement of the Internet and other technologies, LP Classics seeks to bridge the disparate artistic gap that exists between an era long-gone, and modern, still-evolving traditions, through delivering an integral listening experience that equally harnesses the richness of history and the unbridled power of engineering mastery.








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