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NEW BEGINNINGS : First Blog + Revisiting Arensky

Those who have started their own blog and have a website probably know how daunting the first post can be.  So its not surprising that most websites and blogs start with … Hello World! …

On that note – Hello then, and welcome to the LP Classics Blog!  If you have come to our blog, we hope that means you already know a little about who we are and what LP Classics strives to accomplish, but if not – please feel free to read our About Us page.  We wanted to start this blog just in time for our next upcoming recording project (which is happening this week!) and hopefully, take you with us on a little journey of what we will be doing and share the process of how it all happens.  We hope that you will actively participate in our blog through your comments and suggestions.  We would love to hear your questions, thoughts and ideas for what interests you and what we should share through our blog.  We hope to update you on how our current projects our going and what they entail as well as who we hope to record next.  You will get a chance to see what the critics are saying, what our successes have been and we will also be sharing not just our accomplishments, but our learning curves, our fears, our failures, our dreams and most importantly – we want to share with you our passion and love – beautiful music!  We are incredibly grateful and excited to have begun this journey and hope that you will join us for the ride!

With three official releases completed in the first 6 months of our existence and two more on the way to its release in July, Vassily and I realized that the last time we were in a hall actually recording was in September 2011.  We were filling the air of the Academy of Arts and Letters in New York City with a combination of excited and nervous energy and the intoxicating music of Arensky’s Two Piano Suites.  The Arensky project was our first release on our own label and this record will always hold a special place in our hearts!  This music is what started our collaboration as a piano duo and its what gave us a desire to venture into the exhilarating, thrilling and sometimes terrifying world of not just recording, but starting a record label and overseeing the entire process from start to finish.  
We hope to have some time to blog about the recording that we are doing this week, meanwhile we wanted to start at the beginning … and share some behind the scenes photos and pay homage to the project that started it all!!!


The Academy of Arts and Letters is an INCREDIBLY beautiful space with great acoustics.  One can’t really describe the grandeur of the space, but this photo is the best we can do.

A closer look of us engulfed in work

Our fantastic piano technician, Terry Flynn of Flynn Pianos working his magic.  Terry is the God of pianos and a joy to work with!!!

Our great sound engineer and producer, Charlie Post.  Charlie was a great voice of support, reason and comic relief throughout the whole process.  He is a wonderfully talented guy, who also became a great friend in the process.  We were so lucky to have an irreplaceable team! Creative, enthusiastic and fully involved.

Here are a few more shots of us working away…

To find out more and to purchase the Arensky Two -Piano Suites CD, please visit the Catalog page or contact us anytime.

Thanks again so much for stopping by and we hope you will continue to follow our blog and keep up with our projects.

Warmly,  Natalia & Vassily

May 16, 2012 - 11:25 pm

Allan everett - Hello Natalia & Vassily,
I feel like I’m a personal part of this project; mainly because natalia was my first classical piano teacher.:) Natalia is just so AWESOME as well as her partner VASSILY. It was an honor to see the. Debut live performance in NYC thank you so much for exposure to this awesome composer and his masterful music.

May 16, 2012 - 11:31 pm

Allan everett - I forgot to mentioned the great photographs that helps to tell the story. It has captured me and I’m looking forward to the next project

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