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“It takes a brave man to perform all the Chopin Etudes in public, and an even braver one to release a record of that live performance” wrote Donald Henehan in the New York Times in 1972 of the first release from a performance at the Moscow Conservatory in 1971, also stating that “Slobodyanik’s performance has no real challenger in the current catalogue.”

LP Classics is proud to release an even earlier live recording of the 24 Chopin Etudes by Alexander Slobodyanik from his performance at the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory on May 26, 1970 – this newly discovered rendition is a first ever documented LIVE recording of the Chopin’s landmark piece.

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Alexander - Brahms/Liszt Sonatas - 4 Panel.indd

ALEXANDER SLOBODYANIK | Brahms & Liszt Sonatas

Alexander Slobodyanik is known to audiences around the world as one of the greatest pianists to emerge from the former Soviet Union. A highly individual artist, he was regarded as “a pianist of intellect, highly passionate with a poetic sensitivity and commanding spectacular virtuosity.” He enjoyed a prodigious international career spanning five decades, touring throughout Europe, North and South Americas, the former Soviet Union, South Africa, Australia and the Far East. He is remembered as one of the great romantic piano virtuosos of the 20th century.





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6 Panel Artwork - Olympus Piano Trio.indd

OLYMPUS PIANO TRIO | Mendelssohn, Ravel, Hatzis

LP Classics is proud to present the newest CD release by the Olympus Piano Trio!

“Astounding, unique in every sense” (Athens Estia), praised for their “passionate commitment to every note, incredibly velvety tone” (NY Concert Review). The award winning Olympus Piano Trio combines the forces  of Regi Papa, Ben Capps and Konstantine Valianatos.  Formed at Juilliard in 2010 to celebrate a passion for chamber music as well as their shared Hellenic heritage, the Olympus Piano Trio performs a repertoire of classical, romantic and modern masterpieces.

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Variations 2016 - VP.indd

VASSILY PRIMAKOV | VARIATIONS | Handel, Schumann, Rachmaninoff, Liebermann

Pianist Vassily Primakov takes us, the listeners, on a journey through variation form.  Four distinctly different works, from four different centuries, include Handel’s Chaconne in G Major, Robert Schumann’s Symphonic Etudes, Op. 13, Rachmaninoff’s last work for solo piano, Variations on a Theme of Corelli, Op. 42 and culminate with a World Premiere recording of Lowell Liebermann’s Variations on a Theme of Schubert, Op. 100.

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Jerry - Live in Concert 2CD.indd


A Special Collectors Edition Set, features never before released performances spanning 4 decades that come to LP Classics from Jerome Lowenthal’s private collection.  These recordings are truly an insight into one of America’s greatest pianists and his masterful art of storytelling!  You will discover the music and the man in ways never heard before.

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VP Tchaik/Mussorgsky 6 Panel Digi - 07.10.2016.indd


Over the past decade, after each performance of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, Vassily Primakov would get a multitude of requests to record this monumental work.  This brilliant rendition was definitely worth the wait, and LP Classics has been receiving feedback that is deeply moving and powerful.

Primakov combines deeply personal playing, brilliant technical command, and a seductive tonal palette reminiscent of an earlier era of virtuosi.” ~ International Record Review

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Pianist Margarita Shevchenko, a musician of “uncommon sensitivity and refinement,” has been internationally recognized for her Romantic music interpretations, especially Chopin.  The New York Times noted “…the delicacy of her scurrying pianissimo passage work was exemplary…” and Cleveland’s music critic Donald Rosenberg called her “a musician to cherish” who has won the hearts of audiences, critics and competition judges around the world.

This collection of Chopin’s Four Scherzos and the B Minor Sonata was recorded live in concert on December 20th, 2012 in New York and is being released for the first time.

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VERA GORNOSTAEVA | Vol IX |RACHMANINOFF | Piano Concerto No. 2 / 12 Preludes

Excerpt from TV Show “Open Piano”, hosted by Ms. Gornostaeva in 1987. (Translated by Sergey Gordeev)

Rachmaninoff’s regal music – regal because it immediately makes you classify it in a special category. It filled my heart with something that is impossible to express with words. I remember how, without any special need to do that, I was  learning his prelude in C Sharp Minor Op. 3 No. 2.

The whole world entered my life with this prelude. A new composer – unthinkable for my consciousness. This sensation of some chest-based, deep voice, low registers, regal scale at which Rachmaninoffís music has to be performed. I understood all the power – an incredibly powerful voice – I understood all the tragedy of this music. This music forebodes…

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Release Date: 01.31.2016

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An exciting new release of brilliant pianist, Oxana Mikhailoff with an all-Russian program, recorded live in recital on April 13th, 2015.  A former student of Vera Gornostaeva, who graces our catalog often, Ms. Mikhailoff has also studied with Vladimir Feltsman among other greats, and you can find out more about her here…

Mr. Feltsman has stated “Oxana Mikhailoff is a mature and accomplished musician. Her playing has character, imagination, and is poetic. She has a strong personality and stage presence.”

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Release Date: 01.15.2016

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This is the debut album of the  Aventure Piano Duo, formed by two charismatic, ambitious young pianists, Vitali Gavrouc and Ada Gorbunova. Both are graduates of the Moscow Conservatory, outstanding musicians with a bright, individual style and multifaceted field of interests. They are searchers, researchers, rebels, travelers, cosmopolites, and epicureans. Their mutual passion for knowledge determined the name of the ensemble – adventure, creativity and originality as a lifestyle.

For more information on the Aventure Piano Duo, along with the Full Interview included in the CD Booklet, please CLICK HERE.



Release Date: 12.15.2015


PARIS-BUENOS AIRES, UNE HISTOIRE D’AMOUR is a musical parable, the love story between the aesthetic universes of two cities – two places that have irresistibly strong energies, two places pulsating with life. For generations Argentines have said: “Buenos Aires is the wife, Paris the lover”. These two cities have become symbols of light, beauty and elegance, but they are also cities of shadowy streets, dimly lit by red lights, their penetrating silence infused with the smell of urine. They are, like us human beings, full of light and darkness…

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Release Date: 12.01.2015

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LP Classics is proud to present it’s first release of the legendary, Timofei Dokshizer.  After winning several major brass competitions at the age of 19, he soldified his reputation and performing career and his profound artistry and creativity set a standard of excellence for other trumpeters to follow.

He frequently toured the USSR and abroad, winning acclaim from critics who praised his timber, beautiful tone, unique phrasing, and filigree technique. In addition to his solo performances, Dokshizer worked at the Bolshoi Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Moscow. Here, he was revered for his brilliant renditions of some of the most difficult orchestral trumpet solos, particularly in Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake,” Prokofiev’s “War and Peace” and “Romeo and Juliet,” Khachaturian’s “Spartacus,” and many others.

His Repertoire was incredibly vast and included nearly everything ever written for the trumpet, works previously arranged for the instrument and his own transcriptions, of which there were over 80 along the course of his lifetime. Among these were popular miniatures, originally written for violin, piano or voice by Kreisler, Sarasate, Debussy, Ravel, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rubinstein, Rachmaninoff, Chopin. Mr. Dokshizer was responsible for a tremendous expansion of trumpet repertoire, both through his own contribution to the art form and through compositions written especially for him throughout his life.  For the complete bio, tracks and to purchase, please CLICK HERE!

Release Date: 10.30.2015

Gornostaeva Vol.8 Digipack V2.indd

VERA GORNOSTAEVA | Vol VIII | Schumann/Tchaikovsky

When we, here at LP Classics, embarked on our journey to uncover Vera Gornostaeva’s live performances, we didn’t quite realize just how far this project would take us.  We also couldn’t have predicted just how difficult and how rewarding it would be to continue uncovering gem after gem in her playing.  This latest volume took us on a trip back to our hometown, Moscow – and more specifically, to the Moscow Conservatory, where Ms. Gornostaeva taught for over 5 decades.  The Conservatory Archives were rumored to house a rare and never before heard, live 1962 performance of Schumann’s Symphonic Etudes and we knew that this was most probably a performance worth traveling thousands of miles for, so that our listeners can travel back to the Small Hall of the Moscow Conservatory to hear this performance.  Our expectations were definitely surpassed and we are extremely pleased to have a chance to release this work, along with Tchaikovsky’s Album for the Young and Schumann Carnaval.  For track information and to purchase please click HERE…

Release Date: 10.15.2015

Gornostaeva Vol.VII Digipack - Beeethoven V2.indd

VERA GORNOSTAEVA | Vol VII |Beethoven, Piano Sonatas | Memorial Release

On January 19th, 2015 the world lost a remarkable woman, pianist and pedagogue. A true legend – Vera Gornostaeva. A few years ago, outside of Russia, rarely was her name mentioned as a performer of magnitude akin to her classmates and colleagues, Sviatoslav Richter, Emil Gilels and other piano giants of the Russian Golden Era. She was mainly known as a tremendous pedagogue at the Moscow Conservatory, but due to Soviet politics she never performed in the West and retired from the stage by the time the regime collapsed. Since releasing the first Volume in the “Discovering a Legend” series in November of 2011, Ms. Gornostaeva’s unearthed live performances have garnered audience and critic accolades and she became an overnight sensation in Chicago, thanks to WFMT.

Brian Reinhart from MusicWeb International said this of one of the previous releases and we feel it really sums up why LP Classics felt a responsibility toward Vera and listeners worldwide to take on this project, as challenging as it is at times.

“Discovering a Legend,” the cover says. “Creating a Legend” might be more like it. Vera Gornostaeva is an extraordinary pianist, maybe one of the greats. She builds her performances from fire and tempered steel, but is capable of poetic softness. She embraces huge contrasts, steering with complete control from an explosive fortissimo to a hypnotic sung melody… For once, the title “Discovering a Legend” is not a hyperbole. This is how legends begin.”

And indeed, on January 19th, 2015 as the founders of LP Classics received an overwhelming amount of messages from listeners that have been embracing these never heard before recordings and paying their respects and tributes to Vera Gornostaeva, it became clear that what started as a personal project of her former student, Vassily Primakov has grown into an important and poignant company mission of LP Classics – because despite Ms. Gornostaeva’s passing, her art will now forever live on and that is, after all … exactly how legends begin!


Release Date: 04.15.2015


Ben Capps and Vassily Primakov give a “tour de force” performance of Chopin & Rachmaninoff’s G Minor Cello Sonatas.

“How lucky we are to have music as beautiful as this.  These sonatas are quintessential examples of the human condition: romantic, tragic, hopeful, ultimately uplifting and as colorful as the imagination allows.” ~ Ben Capps

Do not miss this stunning collection of G Minor like you have never heard it before…   Order your copy today!!!!




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8 Panel Digi - V. Maz - LIGHT.indd


Vassily Primakov has been hailed as a pianist of world class importance. Gramophone wrote that “Primakov’s empathy with Chopin’s spirit could hardly be more complete,” and the American Record Guide stated: “Since Gilels, how many pianists have the right touch? In Chopin, no one currently playing sounds as good as this! This is a great Chopin pianist.” Music Web-International called Primakov’s Chopin concertos CD “one of the great Chopin recordings of recent times. These are performances of extraordinary power and beauty.”

Immediately after the last Chopin release (also a 2 CD set – LP1009A/B), audiences, critics, concert venues and radio stations were enthralled with Mr. Primakov’s Chopin performances of the Sonatas, Scherzos and Ballades.  WQXR named Vassily’s last Chopin recording it’s Album of the Week less then a month after it’s release.   In the last set, the focus was on Chopin’s larger scale piano works.  This time, Vassily takes us on a more intimate journey of Chopin’s deeply personal Mazurkas.


Release Date: 01.30.2015  Order Now!

8 Panel Digipack A Slobodyanik - MPAC Back.indd


A special release with a LIVE performance of the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 – with the Kirov Orchestra (now Mariinsky) and Valery Gergiev conducting – from the Opening Concert at the Morristown Performing Arts Center 20 years ago on September 29th, 1994.  Mr. Slobodyanik was instrumental in the re-birth of this New Jersey theatre and you can read the full story, as told by his widow, Laryssa Krupa here…

Also on this monumental disc is another live and historic recording from March 9th, 1989, this time of the Chopin 1st Piano Concerto with Maxim Shostakovich conducting the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra.

Alexander Slobodyanik is known to audiences around the world as one of the greatest pianists to emerge from the former Soviet Union. He enjoyed a prodigious international career spanning five decades and LP Classics is honored to present this first recording project since Mr. Slobodyanik’s passing in 2008.

For full notes and track listings as well as purchase information, please CLICK HERE.


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Noted for the intensity and virtuosity of his playing, Alexey Gorokholinsky, is considered to be one of the most versatile clarinetists who constantly challenges the possibilities and pushes the boundaries of his instrument and beyond.

“This album was conceived as a collection of German music for clarinet and piano. The music of Felix Mendelssohn needs hardly any introduction, and a collection of romantic German music for clarinet would be incomplete without Carl Maria von Weber’s Grand Duo Concertante.  Both composers featured on the album are prime representations of an ever evolving movement of romanticism in Germany during the 18th and 19th centuries.” ~ Alexey Gorokholinsky

For complete notes, track listings and purchase info, please click here.


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Ada - Schumann.indd


“Schumann is a composer that I always refer to as “my composer!”

Throughout my life I constantly return to him, experience anew, re-discover and love. His music possesses the marvelous gift of transforming our feelings. It gives us a glimpse into the most hidden corners of our soul, to awaken emotions, to think, and to truly listen; to reflect, to be within silence and to feel love, joy, pleasure, melancholy, and overflowing bitterness; a bit over the top, but madly sincere. This is music; which brings kindness and openness into this world… ” ~ Ada Gorbunova

Complete Notes & Track Listings HERE



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Gornostaeva Vol.VI Digipack.inddVERA GORNOSTAEVA | VOL. VI | CHOPIN 4 Ballades & 13 Mazurkas

LP Classics’s “Discovering a Legend” series continues to explore the live performances of this brilliant Russian pianist Vera Gornostaeva.  This November, LP Classics celebrates it’s 3 Year Anniversary!  In November 2011, the “Discovering a Legend” series was born with the 1st Volume of Ms. Gornostaeva’s sensational live performances of Chopin’s works.  We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the footprint and legacy that we have created in these past three years, then by returning to the composer that started the “love affair” between LP Classics and Vera Gornostaeva.

To help us celebrate, Chicago’s Premier Classical Radio Station, WFMT will be featuring this album, along with Volumes IV & V, in their upcoming Pledge Drive from 11.05.2014 – 11.21.2014.  Please tune in to hear tracks from these albums, as well as an interview with Ms. Gornostaeva’s student and LP Classics Co-President, Vassily Primakov on November 12th and a lot of other special features and surprises.

Don’t miss this opportunity to order this powerhouse album for yourself or the Classical Music Lovers in your life, just in time for the holidays and for your collection.  BUY NOW!


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Gornostaeva Vol.V Digipack.indd



October 1st of this year, marks the 85th birthday of the legendary Russian pianist and pedagogue, Vera Gornostaeva.  Coincidentally, though in our opinion certainly not by accident, October 1st is also the International Music Day!  What better way to celebrate this remarkable artist and music, then by releasing another brilliant and powerful performance in our Discovering a Legend Series, Volume V with music by Shostakovich and Prokofiev.  Arguably two of Russia’s greatest 20th century giants, that Ms. Gornostaeva knew and admired.

Order your copy today and join us in celebrating this magnificent artist, as we wish her a happy birthday and honor her work!

{Update: Sadly, Ms. Gornostaeva passed away on January 19th, 2015 – please stay tuned and check back often for LP Classics’s upcoming commemorative releases and further volumes as we continue her legacy!}


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“The performing art of Vera Gornostaeva is quite unusual for today’s concert life. In her performances one cannot find sport-like chic virtuosity or automatically regulated technique. There are other, more important features and qualities in Gornostaeva’s playing that really shine: her vast knowledge of musical culture, impeccable taste, always ever so present professionalism and great intellect that is subtle but yet all encompassing. These qualities make her interpretations much more impressive than any kind of showy virtuoso bravura.

For a thoughtful listener, Gornostaeva’s recital is always like meeting with a wise collocutor, who speaks about the most important things … things that are sacred, meaningful and complex, and who shows the most detailed and thorough knowledge of the subject that was chosen.  She has a gift of revealing the most fundamental and innermost ideas.”  ~ Gennadi Zypin – Author, Musicologist & Professor

Complete Track Listing and Purchase Information


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“Remarkable works of art always seem to have a way of capturing our attention.  If it’s the first time, or the hundredth time we play or listen to a favorite, the journey of musical discovery and enjoyment is always meaningful, exciting, and often revelatory.

Ossia features three works.

Each and all are transcriptions.

Thus Ossia, or alternate.”  ~ Ben Capps


Complete Track Listing and More Information HERE


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Excerpt from Notes by Jerome Lowenthal …

“Two rules, then, which well-schooled performers have learned from well-schooled teachers:  If a composer has written a cadenza, don’t use another, and if he has not written a cadenza, use one with “proper regard of style,” i.e., in the style of a concerto. These rules are generally observed, and only performers who seem the embodiment of authenticity (e.g., Schnabel) or eccentricity (e.g., Gould) are allowed to ignore them. And yet Clara Schumann, Brahms, Busoni, Saint-Saens, Von Bulow, Dohnanyi, Medtner, Liszt (in his cadenza for the Beethoven Third), Beethoven himself (in his unMozartean cadenzas for Mozart) – can we condemn them all as stylistic vulgarians?

One clear evening in June 2002, accompanied by my old friend Arie Vardi, I sat in a café on Red Square, admiring the outline of the Kremlin palaces against a moonlit sky. Vardi and I were discussing the Tchaikovsky Competition in process, but after a while, our talk drifted to nostalgic evocations of our earlier years. “In Tel Aviv,” reminisced Vardi, “there was a wonderful old-music store. Once there I found an extraordinary Russian Volume with a magnificent compilation of cadenzas written for the Beethoven Fourth Concerto. Of course I wanted to buy it, but my pockets were empty. The next day, “he sighed,” I returned to the store, but the had been bought by someone else.” He sighed, but I shivered, despite the warm Moscow night. “The person who had bought it, “I said slowly,” was your friend and my brother-in-law Nahum Amir. He gave it to me as a birthday present, and I treasure it still. “ It was Vardi’s turn to shiver.

No, I did not offer to give him the volume. But I will certainly send him these two discs, which include most of the cadenzas from the Russian volume, plus a cadenza-fantasy written at my request by Frederic Rzewski.”


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Just in time to celebrate Sergei Rachmaninoff’s birthday on April 1st, 1873, the Lavrova Primakov Piano Duo’s latest release features both of his monumental two-piano suites, written earlier on in his life and while he was still in Russia (1893 & 1901 respectively), along with his last work, The Symphonic Dances (1940), composed in the United States.

Complete Track Listing and Purchase Information Available HERE




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After critical and commercial success of the first two volumes, LP Classics  continues to explore the vaults of Gosteleradiofond (one of the main Russian Archives of radio and television broadcasts), and is honored to release live performances of this remarkable pianist.

More Information … BUY NOW!





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LP Duo - Live Bachauer Cover


Excerpt from Notes by Lavrova Primakov Duo…

This is a very special Album!  It is special to us because it is a Live Performance and not a studio album, which we are more accustomed to releasing.  It was an incredible honor to be invited to perform at the 2013 Gina Bachauer International Piano Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Our concert took place on June 29th, 2013 and yes, because it is live, this record is far from perfect – it has some coughs, some piano buzzing and of course, us missing a note or two.  But, we feel that it captured who we are in a different way then a studio record does.  Not better or worse, just more spontaneous and raw.



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“… I have always had a fascination with the number 13 – while most associate it with being unlucky, I feel quite the opposite.  My obsession with this number now translates into my first recording, a program based around the number 13 – the works by Schumann and Scriabin, Opus 13, and 13 “new” works, a sort of suite created for me and premiered by me, by 13 promising young composers.  I recorded this recital program on Friday, September 13, 2013 and planned the CD’s release for Friday, December 13th, 2013…” ~ David Aladashvili

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Every recording project has its own story!  This one had its seeds planted, almost literally, amidst beautifully wild and rugged nature and serene atmosphere.  We were privileged enough to be invited in February of 2012 to Hill and Hollow Music, a retreat program in Saranac Valley of northern New York’s Adirondack Mountains.  Performing primarily two-piano works at that time, we realized that this retreat would be the perfect setting to work intensely on building our four-hand repertoire. It is something we had been itching to do for months.  With piles of music to explore in tow, we ventured out on the six-hour drive to Saranac.   For a week, we shut ourselves off from the rest of the world in a beautiful cottage, with no cell phones, Internet or reminders of our daily lives.  READ MORE….





[Excerpt from the Notes to this album written by Vassily Primakov]

CHOPIN. A Life long Journey…

It is hard to explain my life long attraction to this composer.
It began back in Moscow, Russia. I was ten. The first “big piece” that I tackled with my teacher at the time, Vera Gornostaeva, was the Waltz in E flat Major, Op.18. It was an immense challenge for me. I remember struggling to comprehend what Ms. Gornostaeva was explaining to me – all the nuances of the different sections and the ever so illusive mystery of Chopin’s rubato, his rhythmical gracefulness and so on.
I believe this is when I firmly decided to continue the ongoing search/struggle/affair with this composer.
Since then, I have frequently performed Chopin’s works. Even when my recital programs do not include any of his pieces, I end up playing at least a couple of Mazurkas as encores. There is an emotional and a physical need to have this composer present in my life at all times. That need is driven not just by the love for Chopin’s music, which is apparent, but also by his music’s ability to constantly remind me of my own journey and a desire to continuously grow. I guess in many ways, it is about the “unobtainable” – the constant journey, constant wandering, constant trying, failing, at times succeeding and then again, continuing the never ending SEARCH! This search is something I have always cherished as an artist, and I sincerely hope that I will always continue this journey – as both, a musician and a human being, no matter what!
In many ways, this present Album (2 Disc Set) represents a stepping-stone. By all means, it is not an album of achievements. It is an album of search! Pieces that have long been dear to me, assembled together for the first time. Therefore, when I recorded these works, I had a very clear vision: which was not to make just a very good studio album where all is clean and tidy, NO!!! Instead, I wanted this to represent my current vision, TODAY’s vision, of these pieces. My current interpretations – performed not for a studio setting, but the way I would play them on stage! Slightly exaggerated, maybe sometimes faster in speed and with the adrenalin rush that is usually present on stage, but NOT always in a studio, and emotionally truthful and raw.
While listening to these tracks, I asked myself whether I am satisfied? The answer is, of course, NO – but am I happy with how it turned out at this stage of my journey? Absolutely YES.
I know there will be a time when I will look back and possibly criticize my interpretations, but not today. Today, I want to share with my audience and listeners how this music has affected me up to now, and how I have lived through it thus far.





LP Classics’s “Discovering a Legend” series is continuing to explore the live performances of the brilliant Russian pianist Vera Gornostaeva.  The uncovering of Vera Gornostaeva’s unique rendition of Mussorgsky’s Pictures and Rachmaninoff’s Preludes is, by all means, a true revelation.  When first presented with the list of available material collected over the years, we were immediately drawn to this live recital.  Instinctively, we were most certain that this was a great and inimitable performance – and it did not disappoint!  Mussorgsky soars and Rachmaninoff sings in the grand tradition of piano playing that hardly exists nowadays.

First, it was recorded live at the Small Hall of the Moscow State Conservatoire on April 26th, 1959 and subsequently broadcasted live on Soviet Radio.  Since then, these tapes have been quietly sitting in the storage facilities of Gosteleradiofond – State Fund of Television and Radio Programs in Moscow, Russia.  Though the original reels were unfortunately lost, a copy was thankfully preserved.  Of course, after 53 years of being on a shelf, it was a labor of love to bring these gems back to life and release them for the first time.

We placed this project in the hands of the amazing and incomparable, Grammy winning mastering engineer, Silas Brown, who, after peeling layer after layer of hiss and other unwanted elements, brought back to life what in our opinion is one of the most charged, fiery and poetic performances of these works.  It is our privilege to introduce you to this record and we plan to continue this series with great pride.

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An exciting new album of Vassily Primakov performing Live in Concert and featuring Medtner’s Sonata-Reminiscenza; Schumann’s Bunte Blatter, Op. 99; Brahms’s Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel and Ravel’s La Valse.

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This collection of Liszt opera paraphrases was first issued on LP by RCA in 1981 and, until now, never released on CD. In addition to the original RCA recital, LP Classics has added three bonus items: Busoni’s Chamber Fantasy on Bizet’s Carmen, also known as Sonatina No. 6, and two skits à la Victor Borge, both titled “Little Narration of My Own,” in which Lowenthal talks about the Preludio of the Rigoletto paraphrase by narrating Verdi’s libretto and Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf story, respectively.

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Little known today, Anton Arensky (1861-1906) was one of the brightest stars of the late 19th century Russian music scene and was one of the most influential figures in the promotion of two-piano music. Arensky’s two-piano Suites are models of the romantic duo piano literature and like all the best examples of two-piano music, Arensky’s Suites make no compromises on the technical demands made of the performers. Anton Arensky’s influence as a pianist, a composer, a conductor and a remarkable teacher to such future luminaries as Rachmaninov, Gretchaninov and Scriabin—has earned him a place of distinction in the history of Russian music.

This release celebrates Arensky’s 150th Birth Anniversary.

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Vera Gornostaeva, is a celebrated Russian performer considered A “True Treasure” of Russian culture and has traveled extensively throughout Soviet Union with up to 100 concerts a year.  Her reviewers raved about her “Gornostaeva is a natural! She has an envious control of the instrument.”  “Recitals, given by Gornostaeva, are never flashy. Her playing is neither mannered nor false. She communicates the true essence of music that she delivers in the most profound way. Whether it is works by Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Schumann, Prokofiev or Shostakovich – there is always a great sense of knowledge, intellect and inescapable passion.”

Unfortunately, because Vera Gornostaeva never made any compromises – politically or musically, she became a persona non grata in the eyes of the Soviet Regime and despite the fact that invitations from the west kept pouring in, the permission to leave was never granted.  As a result, for over twenty years Gornostaeva’s name was among those  “blacklisted” and was officially deemed politically unreliable. By the time the iron curtain fell, Vera Gornostaeva, already in her 60s, decided to abandon her performing career and dedicate herself entirely to teaching and would perform only occasionally.

LP Classics is thrilled to have formed an alliance with “Gosteleradiofond”- State Fund of Television and Radio Programs in Moscow, Russia   and to have discovered a great amount of well-preserved, live performances of this legendary pianist and pedagogue.  These performances are from some of the most prestigious halls in Russia and none of these recorded recitals were ever released. This record will be the first glimpse into the life of a true legend and consummate artist.

More Information… BUY NOW!

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